Beyond Desire 2006 г 136 стр ISBN 9055445584 инфо 7149q.

Book DescriptionDuring an era in which the cultural world is obsessed with issues of globalization, postcolonialism, and reparations of historical guilt, the implicit aspect of desire is almost never assessed-ввтшь-until now Beyond Desire focuses on adesiring dialect between the broad "idea" of Africa, on one hand, and Europe on the other As a starting point for this book, the essayists asked a series of poignant questions: What happens when different cultures meet, вньшмand can that meeting be meaningful? How are attitudes--rather than identities--constructed through appropriation or projection in imagery and visualization? How, in the domain of clothing, for example, does the wearing but also the possession of a certain type of clothing or accessory function as a compensatory strategy for certain failures of society, politics, or development? And, is fashion possibly the site for the negotiation of social relationships, local institutions, and transвткнцnational connections? Beyond Desire showcases fashion by designers like Christian Dior and John Galliano, and includes fashion photography, African studio photography, art, and documentary stills In these pages, European fashion designers show how they have adopted the embellishments, scarifications, colors, and textiles of the Masai tribe, and combined them with elements of Western haute couture Here, fashion creates fantasy onto which qualities such as seduction, eroticism, exuberance--and desire--are projected And while the random mixingof ethnic and contemporary elements confirms the cliché of "the other," the radical outcome is both strange and beautiful Essays by Philippe Pirotte, Filip De Boeck, Carol Tulloch and Zoe Whitley Introduction by Kaat Debo Hardcover, 85 x 10 in/136 pgs / 80 color and 20 b&w.

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