Spectrum 11: The Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art Издательство: Underwood Books, 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 208 стр ISBN 1887424822 инфо 7155q.

Редакторы: Cathy Fenner Арни Феннер Now in its 11th year, and just getting bigger and better, this eagerly anticipated volume in the art and art-buying world represents the who's who in fantasy todayввтщц Spectrum is the first and only illustration annual to focus solely on fantastic art, with over 300 artists featured Divided into seven categories, including one devoted to comics and graphic novels, Spectrum is a feast of disparate vision and artistic imagining, showвньщнcasing, among others: John Howe, fantasy illustrator and designer for Lord of the Rings; Peter deSeve, conceptual artist on Finding Nemo; Anita Kunz's work from Rolling Stone; the exquisite acrylics of Michael Whelan; the poignant work of John Jude Palancer; Doug Chiang, design director for Star Wars and creator of Robota; and Jon Foster, also of Star Wars fame Lively, idiosyncratic, and sometimes shocking, this work continues to push against the meniscus of reality, exploring new reвткодalms of inventiveness and creativity, be it from movies, video games, ads, or art galleries Издание на английском языке.

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