Billy Joel My Lives (4 CD + DVD) Формат: 5 Audio CD (Подарочное оформление) Дистрибьютор: SONY BMG Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2005 г Сборник инфо 9725q.

Американский музыкант, певец и композитор Билли Джоэл не нуждается в представлении Его причисляют к классикам современной музыки, а написанные им песни давно прошли испытание временем, войдя в золотой фонд мибэпкнровой культуры 4 CD + ранее не издававшаяся концертная запись на DVD Издание содержит: Более 5 часов музыки; 66 трека, включая 23 ранее не издававшихся; Элегантно оформленный буклет с личными фотографиями исполнителя; Дискография; Многое другое Подарочнвкодыое издание упаковано в трехстворчатый картонный дижипак Буклет диска содержит на 58 страницах фотографии и дополнительную информацию на английском языке Содержание CD1: Billy Joel My Lives 1 My Journey's End-The Lost Souls 2 Time And Tme Again - The Lost Souls 3 Every Step I Take (Every Move I Make) -The Hassles 4 You've Got Me Hummin' - The Hassles 5 Amplifier Fire - Attila 6 Only A Man (Demo, Never Released) 7 She's Got A Way 8 Oyster Bay (Demвсдыеo, Never Released) 9 Piano Man (Demo, Never Released) 10 The Siegfried Line (Demo, Never Released) 11 New Mexico (Demo, Never Released) 12 Cross To Bear (Demo, Never Released) 13 Miami 2017 (Demo, Never Released) 14 These Rhinestone Days (Demo, Never Released) 15 Everybody Has A Dream 16 Only The Good Die Young (Alternate Version, Never Released) 17 Until The Night 18 Zanzibar (Album Version, Unfaded) 19 It's Still Rock And Roll To Me CD2: Billy Joel My Lives 1 Captain Jack - (Live, Never Released) 2 The End Of The World (Demo, Never Released) 3 The Prime Of Your Life (Demo, Never Released) 4 She's Right On Time 5 Elvis Presley Blvd 6 Nobody Knows But Me 7 An Innocent Man 8 Christie Lee (Demo, Never Released) 9 Easy Money 10 And So It Goes (Demo, Never Released) Ц I'll Cry Instead (Live) 11 I'll Cry Instead (Live) 12 Keeping The Faith (12" Dance Remix) 13 Modern Womвуашцan 14 Baby Grand (Duet With Ray Charles) 15 Getting Closer (Alternate Version, Never Released) 16 House Of Blue Light 17 Money Or Love (Demo, Never Released) 18 The Times They Are A-Changin' (Live) CD3: Billy Joel My Lives 1 The Downeaster "Alexa" 2 I Go To Extremes (Live, Never Released) 3 Shout (Live At Yankee Stadium) 4 All Shook Up 5 Heartbreak Hotel 6 When You Wish Upon A Star 7 In A Sentimental Mood 8 Motorcycle Song (Demo, Never Released) 9 You Picked A Real Bad Time 10 The River Of Dreams (Alternate Version, Never Released) 11 A Hard Day's Night (Live) 12 Light As The Breeze 13 To Make You Feel My Love 14 Hey Girl 15 Why Should I Worry 16 Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)? 17 Highway 61 Revisited (Demo, Never Released) CD4: Billy Joel My Lives 1 Movin' Out - 2000 Years The Millennium Concert 2 You May Be Right (Duet With Elton John) (Live, Neverвучзв Released) 3 Big Shot 4 Don't Worry Baby (An All Star Tribute To Brian Wilson) 5 Goodnight Saigon (Vietnam Veterans Version) 6 Los Angelenos 7 New York State Of Mind (America: A Tribute To Heroes Concert For NY) 8 Opus 1 Soliloquy (On A Separation) 9 Opus 8 Suite For Piano (Star-Crossed) (Innamorato) 10 Opus 8 Suite For Piano (Star-Crossed) (Sorbetto) 11 Opus 8 Suite For Piano (Star-Crossed) (Delusion) 12 Elegy: The Great Peconic CD5: Billy Joel My Lives (Live From The River Of Dreams Tour) (DVD) 1 No Man's Land 2 Pressure 3 Ballad Of Billy The Kid 4 Leningrad 5 Allentown 6 My Life 7 I Go To Extremes 8 Shades Of Grey 9 The River Of Dreams 10 Goodnight Saigon 11 We Didn't Start The Fire 12 A Hard Day's Night 13 Big Shot 14 Piano Man 15 Zanzibar (UMIXIT version) 16 I Go To Extremes (UMIXIT version) Исполнитель Билли Джоэл Billy Joel.